Land in a place where the energy feels calm, take a deep breath and feel your shoulders drop as you let out a sigh that releases the tension you forgot you were holding on to. Enjoy a delightful, whole food meal that leave your taste buds satisfied and your being centered. Sleep in a cozy, comfortable bed, rest well. The air is sweet here. Enjoy yoga, soundings, shiatsu treatments, and time to be still and connect with your inner being, your heart, all within the beautiful surroundings of nature. Wander, with curiosity, in the forest. Smell the forest’s healing scent, the rustling leaves, the scrambling of chipmunks gathering nuts, the reflection of the tree line on the water, the water as it shifts with the wind, lay down in the soft moss and gaze up at the clouds.


Choosing inspiration for a vibrant and thriving community of all living beings.

Cedar Healing Arts is a space that hosts retreats of various modalities that inspire a connection to source energy, nature and a natural sense of well being. We also host day classes, workshops and provide various healing modalities such as zen shiatsu, sounding, yoga and whole food (macrobiotic) vegetarian cooking. We are excited to co-create retreats for groups with interest in well being and natural connection. As well as create special seasonally inspired music and food events. We also provide a space for personal wellness and artist retreats for those interested in nurturing their connection to nature, self empowered well being and whole food seasonal eating.

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Unified by a love for the Earth and the natural sense of abundance she provides when we honour and cultivate relationship with nature.

We believe that when we cultivate a connection to nature, we cultivate a connection to ourselves and to others on a much deeper and more satisfying level. When we bring this relationship into our everyday lives in small, conscious ways, there is an inspiration for living a whole life that is vibrant, joyful and full of love that is reflected in all our interactions.


Connecting through cohabitation and shared experience.

A place to gather and be inspired and inspiring. A space that nurtures kind and loving connections to each other. Near by nature paths in forests and on rivers and a territory surrounded by trees, rocks and water. In the silent quiet of winter, covered in a blanket of white, or in the vibrant thriving life of summer, Muskoka, Ontario is a beautiful landscape and we are blessed to be nestled in it and excited to share it with you.