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We humans are dynamic beings engaged in a dynamic environment, life is a process of constant transformation, and offers endless possibilities for a vibrant, healthy life. At Cedar Healing Arts, our aim is to give you the tools to move with grace and strength within your dynamic environment, to empower you to live a connected, thriving, radiant life.

Our unique blend of wellness services focus on energy, alignment and connection, to balance your body energy and move it back to it’s beautiful, natural flow. We start by understanding your needs, then tailor our services, reflective care and guidance to help you to meet your wellness goals.

The diversity and depth of our offerings allow us to care for your whole person...body, mind and spirit…working from a place of grounded compassion.

Our well rounded wellness menu includes Chinese Medicine acupuncture, Chinese medicine therapies such as cupping, gusha, moxibustions, tuina, zen shiatsu, qi gong, lifestyle and whole-food, seasonally based nutritional coaching, yoga, sound journeys and retreats getaways to connect you back to nature…come for one specific service or a personalized, holistic wellness journey.

The Retreat Space

Inspired by how nature thrives as a diverse interconnected community, our goal is to serve as a space that nurtures a vibrant and thriving community and individuals.

Cedar Healing Arts is a space that hosts retreats of various modalities that inspire a connection to source energy, nature and a natural sense of well being. We also host day classes, workshops and provide various healing modalities such as zen shiatsu, sounding, yoga and whole food (macrobiotic) vegetarian cooking. We are excited to co-create retreats for groups with interest in well being and natural connection. As well as create special seasonally inspired music and food events. Sonja hosts seasonal acupuncture personal wellness retreats for those interested in nurturing their connection to nature, self empowered well being and whole food seasonal eating.

Unified by a love for the Earth and the natural sense of abundance she provides when we honour and cultivate relationship with nature.

We believe that when we cultivate a connection to nature, we cultivate a connection to ourselves and to others on a much deeper and more satisfying level. When we bring this relationship into our everyday lives in small, conscious ways, there is an inspiration for living a whole life that is vibrant, joyful and full of love that is reflected in all our interactions.

Connecting through cohabitation and shared experience.

A place to gather and be inspired and inspiring. A space that nurtures kind and loving connections to each other. Near by nature paths in forests and on rivers and a territory surrounded by trees, rocks and water. In the silent quiet of winter, covered in a blanket of white, or in the vibrant thriving life of summer, Muskoka, Ontario is a beautiful landscape and we are blessed to be nestled in it and excited to share it with you.

Land Acknowledgement

It is humbly acknowledged that we are located on the traditional territory of the Anishinabek (A-nish-in-a-bek) (Chippewa or Ojibway) and Mississauga nations, land that is part of Robinson-Huron treaty 61.

We recognize the incredible stewardship of the original inhabitants of this land, having taken great care of mother earth, to maintain a state of balance and harmony for thousands of years and lived in reciprocity with Mother Earth. We also recognize the forced sacrifices that led to our presence here on this land today.

Our Practitioners

Sonja denElzen R.Ac

founder ~ Chinese and Daoist medicine acupuncturist ~ zen shiatsu practitioner ~ acutonics practitioner ~ sound journey facilitator ~ yoga instructor ~ meditation guide ~ forest bathing guide ~ daoist stone medicine practitioner ~ qi gong practitioner ~wellness and transformation mentor ~ soul alchemist

Sonja is a registered Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist with over 3000hrs of training, a transformational mentor, a licensed Zen Shiatsu practitioner, a 500hr+ yoga and qigong instructor, and sound journey facilitator. She is passionate about the necessity for humanity to cultivate a co-creative relationship with nature along with being more self empowered in one’s own well being.

As the founder of Cedar Healing Arts, her vision is to create a space to support and inspire people on their journey of well being and cultivating deeper connections to their higher selves, each other and nature. Deeply inspired by nature, Classical Chinese and Daoist medicine, it’s holistic view of the natural energetics, the macro cosmos and how it is reflected in the micro cosmos of our beings, Sonja’s approach is holistic one that addresses body, mind and spirit. Sonja is available at Cedar Healing Arts for acupuncture, acutonics, private yoga sessions, zen shiatsu treatments, cupping, moxa, tuina, dietary guidance, sound journeys, sound and stone medicine spirit healing ceremonies, forest bathing, meditation and lifestyle, personal growth transformation mentoring.


Sonja completed her 2200hr Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture diploma at Eight Branches in 2018. And received her full license from the CTCMPAO in April 2019. She loves the holistic approach to healing and well being that Chinese Medicine provides. Her treatments focus on the whole person as a unique individual with unique experiences, she incorporates her diverse knowledge from years of study in TCM which includes acupuncture, guasha, cupping, moxa, tuina, food as medicine and herbs, combined with yoga, meditation, macrobiotics, spirituality, self inquiry, mind set practices and daoist studies to support clients in there personal wellness goals.

As a Zen Shiatsu practitioner she uses extremely gentle touch to apply pressure along meridian pathways while focusing on the body’s response to the treatment. Resulting in a very, deep state of relaxation that enables the body’s own healing powers to circulate. Sonja completed her zen shiatsu training in 2010 under the instruction of Adarsa Chakra and Era Birfer.

She believes yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice used to bring one to an elevated awareness or consciousness. Focus on breath, presence in the moment, as well as alignment are important components of each session. She brings a compassionate and gentle presence to each class and enjoys sharing the beauty and wisdom of yoga with others. And in the yin yoga focus classes uses this as an opportunity to helps clients find deep relaxation, connection to their energetic, physical and emotional bodies often from the five phase perspective of Chinese medicine.

Sonja completed the 500hr Teacher training with Downward Dog Yoga Studios in Toronto with Advanced Training, Art of Mysore and Art of Vinyasa, Ashtanga based programs under Ron Reid. Sonja studied Yin Yoga with Tracey Soghrati with her 50 hr yin yoga teacher training and Sarah Powers. She also has studied prenatal yoga with Nicky Poole, pranayama with Suddhir Tiwari, mindful alignment with Annie Carpenter and meditation in silent retreats. as well as many other workshop training with notable teachers.

Since 2019 Sonja has been studying Qi Gong, Tai Chi & Daoist Martial and Healing Arts with Lindsay Wei of Wudang White Horse from Wudang Five Immortals Temple and Daoist Stone medicine with Sarah Thomas L.Ac.

Sonja has found that a continual exploration of her personal practices of yoga, qi gong and meditation provide centering skills that enhances daily life beyond the mat and is dedicated to facilitating opportunities and nurturing environments for people looking to find their path to peace, well-being, vitality and mobility.

For Sonja a big component of physical, mental and spiritual health is mirrored by cultivating relationship with the natural world.
You will find her often in the forest, by a river, observing nature, foraging or appreciating the vibrant life of plants and the elements, offering prayers of reciprocity and gratitude.

Sonja has previously enjoyed being a fashion designer of 20 plus years and her current line, a reflection of the wellness journey she is on, can be found at


. The ethical clothing line is environmentally friendly, made in Canada and there is a section of the collection that is all dyed with plants she has foraged in the forest.

Leslie Brennan

I feel very fortunate to have discovered the therapeutic art of Thai Yoga Massage and the ability to act as a conduit for its healing capacities. The ancient practice is rooted in the concept of metta - loving kindness - goodwill and the sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of others. It is this underlying current that inspires my work. My goal is to help people feel their best; to connect to their breath, their bodies, and their potential for optimal wellbeing.

It was during my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training that I came across this healing modality, and deeply resonated with its holistic and dynamic approach. I decided to pursue it further, and become a Certified Practitioner. The integration of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics alongside more subtle energetic systems is what makes this such a unique and comprehensive form of bodywork.
I’ve travelled to Thailand to connect to the source of the teachings, spending time at some of the pioneering schools, as well as participating in several meditation courses, deepening my personal and professional practices.

Whether it’s a focus on releasing tension and stiffness, or a deeper energetic experience, I adapt and customize the treatment to address the specific needs and requirements of each client.

We also have the wonderful benefit of Leslie's kitchen magic at some of our retreats!

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