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Sonja den Elzen

founder ~ zen shiatsu ~ sounding ~ yoga ~ meditation ~ forest bathing ~ acupressure

Sonja is a zen shiatsu practitioner, a registered acupuncturist and 500hr + RYT yoga instructor. She is passionate about the necessity for humanity to cultivate a co-creative relationship with nature along with being more self empowered in ones well being. As the founder of Cedar Healing Arts Retreat, her vision is to create a space to support and inspire people on their journey to well being and deep connection to themselves, each other and nature. Deeply inspired by nature, Traditional Chinese Medicine and it’s holistic view of the natural elements and the macro cosmos and how it is reflected in our micro cosmos of our beings. Sonja is available at Cedar healing arts for private yoga sessions, zen shiatsu treatments, forest bathing (wandering + contemplative photography), meditation and lifestyle transformation guidance,